Jacquie Bresadola
Jacquie Bresadola received her BFA from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota FL. She focused on Figurative Sculpture and Stone Carving. She also completed a two year program at The Johnson Atelier Technical Institute Of Sculpture In Princeton NJ where she learned all aspects of bronze casting.

Jacquie is a figurative sculptor using many media to express her love of the human form including, stone, clay, mixed media, leather and bronze. She has been facilitating art classes with children for the past 20 years, 18 in the Seattle area. She and her family moved to Bellingham in 2006 where she opened her art studio for kids "Pacé Atelier Art Studio". She has ongoing weekly classes for kids of all ages with an emphasis on 3D. Media choices include, clay (hand building and potter's wheel), plaster carving, stone carving, linoleum printing, paper making, drawing, painting, mixed media, papier- måché, and more.

Teaching Philosophy

Jacquie has a unique ability to connect to the inner artist in each child. She focuses on the process with the kids guiding them to explore at their own pace. She gives them information when they are ready for it thereby ensuring their ability to absorb it and express themselves independently, with confidence, and individual creativity. No two art works ever look the same, because each work of art is the responsibility of the artist. It is their self expression and interpretation of the project. "It is important to me that a child’s art project is their own."

Class Descriptions

All of the art classes are geared for the individual child. Art projects are introduced in the beginning of each new class with demonstrations, information, and finished examples. Vocabulary and Essential Art EALRs are integrated into the lesson plan.

With that said, the process of creating art is highly regarded so that the child feels success as she advances and accumulates hands on art experiences to draw upon and develop as it relates to her.

This approach honors each child’s unique ability to absorb new information and translate it to a successful art project. "My gift is to learn about each child’s individual needs and help them discover their own potential. I encourage freedom of expression while supporting them to push further than before. They can build on past art experiences to learn new ways to express or more advanced techniques. I strive to help them reach or exceed their potential by honoring their strengths and pushing them beyond their weaknesses. It takes careful observation and lots of understanding to individuate my art program but after many years of teaching I realize this is how we learn, when we are ready and not before. I have an ability to recognize when to gently prompt a child and when they are finished."

"I love the common thread that runs in humanity, the desire to create, especially as it unfolds in kids."

Art supplies

Jacquie encourages lots of exploration and use of art supplies, while maintaining a philosophy of conservation. This sometimes creates the need to use more supplies or perhaps several attempts before a finished desired outcome is achieved. In order to be sensitive to the individual needs of each budding artist, the cost of all art materials is included as part of the monthly tuition; there are no extra fees for art supplies. Quality art materials are supplied for each level of artistry.

The following are some of the available supplies; clay, glazes for clay, clay tools, tempera and acrylic paints, oil paints*, linoleum or easy cut blocks for printing, printing inks, watercolors, watercolor paper, charcoal, drawing pencils from 6h – 8b, quality drawing paper, graphite pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels*, blending stumps for pastels, plaster for carving, alabaster, limestone and marble stones for stone carving, professional stone carving rasps, files, chisels, mallets and power tools*, papier -måché, paper making, found object items, low temp glue guns, and glue.

* These supplies are generally available only to teens.